Nissan's Leaf, a consumer electric car

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan, an ally of the French renault group, unveiled on Sunday 2 August its first standard electric car, intended for the general public. Called Leaf, this model will be marketed in late 2010 in the United States, Japan and Europe.

In front of a crowd of journalists gathered at the band's new headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, the Leaf made a very remarkable first outing. Carlos Ghosn, parton of the Renault-Nissan alliance, presented this vehicle himself.

After arriving in front of the press at the wheel of the Leaf, the French CEO called the car "real progress". "For the first time in the history of our industry," he added, "a car manufacturer is putting a zero-emission car on the consumer market. This is the final solution for sustainable mobility. »

This first electric Nissan is a compact sedan that can accommodate five people on board. Under its plunging hood, designed to facilitate air penetration, it carries an 80 kW electric motor powered by a block of compact lithium-ion batteries with high energy capacity. Placed under the floor, they offer a range of 160 km. The maximum speed of the vehicle is announced at 140 km/h.

Connected to a specific terminal, the Leaf recharges 80% of the capacity of its batteries in just 30 minutes. According to Nissan, a full charge on a 200V home outlet is done in about 8 hours.

Start of marketing in 2010

This japanese electric also has an on-board system (EV-IT), connecting the car's transmission unit to a global data center, with the aim of providing 24/7 electrical driving assistance. A simple push of a button allows the navigation system to indicate the vehicle's range of action based on its residual load.

To promote the introduction and adoption of the Leaf, the manufacturer has secured nearly thirty partnerships around the world (Denmark, Portugal, Israel, the United Kingdom, etc.) to create a network of battery charging stations.

The Nissan Leaf will hit the roads in late 2010 in Japan, the United States and some European markets. Its price is not yet known, but the manufacturer has indicated that its tariff will be affordable because it is subject to various government aid.

In addition to the Nissan Leaf, the supply of consumer electric vehicles is also expected to include the arrival of Mitsubishi i-Miev (April 2010), Chevrolet Volt (early 2011) and Opel Ampera (end 2011) in the next two years.

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